Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Things to love about fall

There are so many things to love about fall! It always seems to come right when we have had enough of the blazing hot weather. It's like a gentle reminder that the world is always changing but also that each day brings something new and amazing. 

Branding - I want the site to feel comfortable, not stiff or *too* professional. It has to be fun & homey.:

I love snuggling up in blankets, the neutral colors mixed in with the bright oranges, reds, and yellows.

Craftberry Bush | Eclectically Fall Home Tour 2015 |

This always seems to be like the perfect break from the hussle and bussle of summer travels and checklists and before the crazy of the holidays where you can get back to enjoying and spending time in your home!

The Inspiration Gallery and Pumpkin Set Winner Announcement (via ):
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Most of the decorations in this season or things you can go outside and find! This makes it so budget friendly but also really brings a sense of the outdoors in, which I enjoy.

Early Fall Decor:

The kitchen gets filled with baked amazingness and crisp fall weather. The chimney's get prepared for cozy nights in front of the fire and that smokey smell fills our hearts with joy and adoration.

Grateful Thankful Blessed Vignette:

What do you love most about fall?

Monday, September 26, 2016

Early American Colonial interiors that we could still live in today

I grew up in an 18th century farmhouse, and we just went to Annapolis yesterday, so I was feeling inspired to look up some colonial interiors.  Here are some gorgeous examples of colonial exteriors and colonial interiors.  Some are authentic and others were renovated or new builds made to capture the colonial aesthetic.

I love this color palette.  It's quiet but rich at the same time. The wide plank flooring is also amazing.

A classic colonial home. 

The wainscoting, wide plank floors are gorgeous in this Pennsylvania museum house.

This house has a modern look due to the clean lines and monochrome palette even though it's early American!
via Pinterest via Amazon: Early American Country Interiors

An 18th century NJ farmhouse with a red dutch door.  It was for sale last year but was snatched up pretty quickly.

This home along the Hudson was renovated.  Reclaimed wood planks are the flooring, and hand-hewn beams with plaster fill in are the ceiling.


I think what's so appealing to me about colonial interiors is that it harks back to simpler life.  No cords, TVs, phones beeping, etc.  I imagine that life was no piece of cake for early Americans though.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Modern Rustic Inspiration

Growing up on a farm, I feel at home in a rustic interior.  That being said, I also like interiors that are uncluttered and have very clean lines.  One doesn't easily find a straight line in nature, so in my eyes blending straight, clean lines with natural organic elements is an art form.  Here are some interiors that I think perfectly blend modern with rustic.

Yes. Dark hardwood floors.  Tons of natural light. Textured wide wood plank ceilings. Sliding barn doors. YES.

via Pinterest via Tidbits and Twine

I think this is Meg Ryan's kitchen.  Love all of the white and wooden beams.
via DecorPad

You can also successfully incorporate bright colors in a neutral palette.  I'd personally use the brights as accents or pops of color.
via Home Adore

Man oh man.  I'd be getting dirty A LOT just to spend more time in this bathroom.  Pepple tile on the floor, copper tub, wide wood plank walls, exposed brick....!!
via Pinterest via BlogLovin

This bedroom is styled to the hilt but I'm a sucker for a pretty bed.  The headboard brings in texture and an organic sensibility, while the window casings and moldings create a tailored look.

via Pinterest via HomeEdit

Are my stables just outside to the right?  That's what I'd expect if this were my foyer. Exposed wood beams, stone floors, a mirrored wall..that amazing neutral and monochrome oriental rug!!
via DecorPad

Tired of the same old wainscoting and paint and wallpaper?  Consider shiplap or wood plank walls for a unique and rustic look.  The straight diagonals, verticals, and horizontals keep this hall and staircase crisp and clean.
via Pinterest via Decoist

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

St. Bart's house tour: cool, crisp Caribbean style.

This house tour will have you packing your bags.  It is the home of Keld Mikkelson of Day Birger et Mikkelson and his wife Marianne Brandi.  In full disclosure I'd never heard of them, but if their clothing and accessories line are like they're home, I'm sure I'd be a fan.  The home is adorned in sleek blacks and pure whites, along with natural textures and elements to reflect the beautiful island they live on.

I collected these images from two different stories, which is why the photos look different and the rooms are sometimes styled differently.

What do you think of the ladder as book display?

I really like the geometric black and white rugs.  They work in any and every room in the home.

The gallery wall helps make the space more inviting.

The ceiling is amazing.

I love the black and white bedding too, and the nightstands.

Love the bathroom! It's what drew me to the house.  That antique chest contrasting with the white tile is amazing.

So jealous.


This home is gorgeous!

What do you think?  Who wants to chip in with me and buy a home on St. Bart's???
images via K & Co. and Live Journal

Monday, September 19, 2016

Beautiful rooms that are eclectic, artisan, and bohemian

 I know we see this look around a lot now, but I can't help it - I love it.  White kitchen, oriental rug, and clean hardware.  Jealous.

I think this would make a great guest room.  The amazing plank ceiling, antique bed, and pretty textiles hanging from the ceiling.

How fantastic are the bones of this room?  From the moldings to the amazing tile floors it looks like a work of art!

Love all the textures and objects that  look like they were found on fun adventures.

What a cool space to spend rainy afternoon reading.  I think this is actually a girl's room though!
All images above via Loombrand

Another room with amazing bones.  One day I hope to have a home with windows like that!
via In My Interior</span>


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